For ease of debugging and testing, I needed to support logging all inbound and outbound http requests and responses including the body from my service built with DropWizard 0.8.1 app.

I got this happening as follows, using a LoggingFilters with Jersey.

Note, the “true” parameter in code below, this causes response and request body to be logged …

Everything comes out as INFO level so make sure you’re config.yaml is set to a suitable log level to see it.

Hope it helps!

/* snip */

  // Logging outbound request/response 
  Client client = new JerseyClientBuilder(environment)
      .register(new LoggingFilter(Logger.getLogger("OutboundRequestResponse"), true));

/* snip */
  // Logging inbound request/response 
  environment.jersey().register(new LoggingFilter(Logger.getLogger("InboundRequestResponse"), true));

/* snip */